Emergency Hardware Maintenance On NVME-K1.LV, NVME-K2.LV, NVME-K3.LV 31st Jan 2021

We will be performing emergency hardware maintenance on  NVME-K1.LV,  NVME-K2.LV,  NVME-K3.LV at this time. We need to urgently move these nodes into a different rack. Each node will be down for ~15 minutes until completed.


We apologize for the inconvenience.


Node Reboot - nvme-k8.lv.hostodo.com 12th Jan 2021

We had to reboot nvme-k8.lv.hostodo.com at 6:27PM Eastern time to apply some updates.


We apologize for any inconvenience.


KVM Template Fix Notice 5th Dec 2020

We have resolved occasional issues with the CentOS 7 64 bit KVM template that caused the VPS to be unresponsive after boot with error message: Invalid arch-independent elf magic.


If you are still having any problems, contact support.



[NVMEK5LV] Node Reboot 30th Nov 2020

We have rebooted the KVM node NVMEK5LV in order to install kernel upgrades. We apologize for any inconvenience.


The reboot will be initiated at 11:10PM Eastern time.



[Resolved] NVMEK1.LV Node Unresponsive 31st Oct 2020

This issue has been resolved as of 6:45PM Eastern time, 10/31/2020.


We are aware of downed servers on NVMEK1LV. We are working diligently to solve this issue as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience,


RESOLVED: [K3LV] Node Unresponsive | KVM VPS Down 1st Oct 2020

We are investigating an issue with K3.LV. The node is unresponsive and we believe it is a hardware issue. We are investigating and expect to have this resolved within the next 24 hours.


Thank you for your continued patience,


[RESOLVED] K2.LV - Server Unresponsive | LV KVM VPS Down on K2.LV 13th Jul 2020

Update 10:35PM Eastern Time: All VPS will be back online in the next 20 minutes. Update 9:45PM Eastern Time: We have a new boot drive in place. We need to reinstall the virtualization software and then we'll be up and running. Almost there! Update 5:25PM Eastern Time: We have identified the issue as a hardware failure with our boot drive on this ...

[Resolved] Network Packet Loss in Las Vegas 24th Jun 2020

We are investigating issues with packet loss in our Las Vegas datacenter. We believe the issue is related to failing hardware on our router. We will post more updates here as we have them. 2:00PM Eastern Time: This was shortly resolved around 1:00PM EST June 24th, 2020, however we are still seeing issues. We are still investigating. 3:04PM ...

[Resolved] Degraded Performance on VZ1.MIA 29th Feb 2020

Hello, UPDATE: We will not have this resolved until tomorrow, March 4th, 2020. We are experiencing degraded performance on our Miami OpenVZ node `VZ1.MIA` due to some failing drives that we will have replaced by Monday, March 2nd, 2020. This does not impact HDD KVM or NVMe KVM VPS clients. Thanks for your patience and understanding, Hostodo ...

[Resolved] Las Vegas, NV Partial Outage - OpenVZ Services 4th Feb 2020

Update: This has been resolved as of 11:30pm EST.

We are experiencing a partial outage affecting some IP subnets which we are working diligently to resolve. An earlier update to the routers kernel is causing some issues with some subnets.

Thanks for your patience,

Hostodo Team