Las Vegas, NV

Fiberhub LAS1
Our Las Vegas, NV datacenter is located in close proximity to the West Coast, providing great connectivity in the Western United States as well as Asia.
  • N+1 redundant power
  • Cummins backup generators with 1500 gallons of fuel

Miami, FL

QuadraNet Miami
Our Miami, FL datacenter offers great connectivity to South Eastern US and most Latin American & Caribbean markets in a hurricane safe building.
  • Building built to withstand Category 5 hurricanes
  • Two diesel generators with additional backup

Spokane, WA

IonSwitch CDA01
Our Spokane, WA datacenter offers premium all-around connectivity including direct peering with the Seattle Internet Exchange and Spokane Internet Exchange.
  • 2N/N+1 redundant power
  • Cummins Generators and APC Symmetra UPSs