How do I SSH into my VPS? (Windows/Putty)

This article will teach you how to access your server via SSH using the PuTTY client on Windows. You can download PuTTY here:


After you’ve opened Putty, fill out the Hostname or IP Address field with your Hostname or IP Address. The default port for this is 22.


Click on the Open button to open a new command line window.


When the command line window appears, you will be asked for the SSH username at the login as prompt. Type it in and then press Enter on your keyboard.


In the command line window, you will also be asked for the SSH password at the login as prompt. Type it in and then press Enter on your keyboard.


If you are unsure about your root password, you may reset it from the VPS control panel


You are now successfully logged into your VPS server using SSH access.

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