Where do I start? (Website Hosting Buying Guide)

How do I set up a website hosting account?

Here's how it works!

Step 1) First, you need to choose a plan from our list of plans here. We recommend starting with our Bronze plan, since that has more than enough resources for the average website. Hit order, and then you are asked to register a domain. (See Figure 1 for plans)

Step 2) Enter in the domain you want to use, for example "hostodo-demo.com". Then hit "Click to continue" to see if the domain is available. In our case, it is! Yay! (See Figure 2)

Step 3) The next step is to select your billing cycle, so go ahead and hit "Click to continue" again. Then you are asked whether you would like to pay monthly, semi-annually, or annually. If you choose to pay annually, the domain name we chose earlier will be free, and you get two months for free automatically. Now hit the "add to cart and checkout" button. (Figure 3)

Step 4) The next step is to enter in your billing information, and select your method of payment. To pay with PayPal, simply hit the PayPal button, and to pay with Credit Card, select the "StripeCX" button. Enter in all of your information, agree to our terms of service, and then hit "Complete Order". (Figure 4)

Congratulations! Your new web hosting account has now been purchased and set up. You will now be sent an email with instructions on how to start building your website with out integrated website builder featuring hundreds of templates.

Figure 1:

Figure 2:

Figure 3:

Figure 4:

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