[Maintenance] Los Angeles KVM CPU Upgrades

Dear Hostodo Client,

This is a notification for service impacting maintenence.

On Monday, September 17th, between 10AM PST and 11AM PST our Los Angeles KVM nodes will be offline as we upgrade the CPUs on our nodes to provide better performance for your VPS.

Best Regards,


14th Sep 2018
Dallas Location Being Migrated to Los Angeles

Dear Hostodo Client, Due to low interest in our Dallas, TX location, we are going to be migrating all VPS services (KVM and OpenVZ) to our Los Angeles, LA location. The migrations will occur later this month. An exact date range will be provided in a follow-up email. If you prefer to have your VPS migrated to our Miami, FL location, please open ... Read More »

10th Sep 2018
[MAINTENANCE] Network Maintenance - Hostodo Los Angeles

Hello Hostodo Client, Today at 1PM PST we will be scheduling an emergency router swap to a new router. During this time your VM's networking will go offline. Maintenance Window: Date: 27/08/2018Time: 12:30 PST- 14:00 PST Estimated downtime is around 15 minutes your VPS will not be rebooted in this time. Kind Regards,Hostodo.com   Read More »

27th Aug 2018
[REBOOT] VZ6.LA was rebooted


We had this node lock up on us and we were forced to reboot it. We have added some more resources to the node during this downtime to prevent this from occuring going forward.



9th Aug 2018

Dear Hostodo Client,We are migrating all OpenVZ containers from VZ1.MIA, VZ2.MIA, VZ3.MIA to new nodes. The VPS will be down during the migration, then brought back online on the new node. Your old IP will work until July 31. We will assign your new IPs to the VPS within the next 24-48 hours and send you an email with your new IP. Both IPs will be ... Read More »

24th Jul 2018


Due to unrelated issues from the previous crashes we were experiencing, we had to reboot this node (VZ2.LA). We expect it to be fully back online by 12:15AM EST Friday July 18, 2018.



17th Jul 2018
[MAINTENANCE] UPDATE: LA OpenVZ Node Maintenance Friday July 13th

Dear Hostodo Client,We will be performing maintenance on VZ1.LA,VZ2.LA,VZ3.LA,VZ4.LA,VZ5.LA,VZ7.LA,VZ8.LA,VZ11.LA,VZ12.LA,VZ13.LATo address the episodes of downtime / crashes we have been seeing on our nodes.We will be performing this maintenance on Friday, July 13th, between 10PM EST and  Saturday, July 14th 1:00AM EST. Your VPS will be down ... Read More »

13th Jul 2018

Dear Hostodo Client,

We will be performing maintenance on VZ6.LA, VZ9.LA, and VZ10.LA to address the episodes of downtime / crashes we have been seeing on our nodes.

We will be performing this maintenance on Wednesday, July 11th, between 10PM EST and 11:30PM EST. Your VPS will be down during this period.

Bsst Regards,
Hostodo Staff

9th Jul 2018
[UPDATE] LA KVM Migrations

Hello Hostodo Client, We are aware of networking issues on the new KVM nodes after this migration and are working on getting them resolved. At the moment "Reconfigure Networking" is not working as expected. UPDATE: We issued a repair for the networking on both nodes and it is running now on all the VMs. If your VM is still inaccessible on the ... Read More »

4th Jul 2018
[MIGRATION] Hostodo LA KVM VPS Migrations

Dear Hostodo Client, We are beginning migrations for our KVM VPSs in Los Angeles, CA this evening. We are migrating your VPS to much better hardware, and enough space to resolve many of the performance and storage issues you have been experiencing. This migration does mean that your VPS IP *will* change. You have until June 30th, 2018 to ... Read More »

27th Jun 2018